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 "the only thing that should happen to the apollo is that it be torn down by rock fans brick by brick while a rock band play 'scotland the brave' at 50,000 watts, f*$% bingo long live rock!"  bob geldofwelcome to apollomemories, the only ...

"The only thing that should happen to the Apollo is that it be torn down by rock fans brick by brick while a rock band play 'Scotland the Brave' at 50,000 watts, F*$% bingo long live rock!"  Bob Geldof

Welcome to Apollomemories, the only website dedicated to Scotland's world famous Green's Playhouse and Glasgow Apollo.

The Apollo is unique in the memory of Scottish music, dance hall and cinema fans over the age of 30 and for many, the venue which was situated at the top of the City's Renfield Street from 1927 to 1985, is closely associated with Glasgow's history.

The Apollo provided artists with the opportunity to perform in front of one of the most discerning and demanding audiences in the world. Such was its reputation that one relieved act is reputed to have printed T-shirts saying: "....I played the Apollo and survived....".

Sharon Osbourne remembers the Apollo in her autobiography, Extreme; "...we were all really, really nervous....Glaswegians were said to be the most difficult of any audience in Britain, especially on a Friday night...when they got paid and got pissed. The show was unbelievable!". Perhaps Doogie White (Rainbow) got it right "..A main feature was that the Apollo had no bar. That meant you watched the bands and that created the wonderful atmosphere".

Performers such as Joe Loss, SLF, Roxy Music, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Status Quo and the SAHB made their names at the venue and many including Paul McCartney, Rush, Gillan, Nazareth and The Stranglers recorded classic live sets there.

Tom Robinson feels that the audience was "just the wildest,warmest audience a band could ever want whilst " Pete Way ( UFO and Waysted) felt that the "...crowd in Glasgow dripped rock!".

David Coverdale's (Deep Purple/Whitesnake) memories: "....are of the magnificent Apollo choir and that CRAZY stage, and I still proudly display my little statuettes from our sold out shows there. Please send my best to your gang and thanks for the memories".

Rick Wakeman (YES) pretty much summed it up recently; "...the Glasgow Apollo is synonymous with birth of rock 'n' roll..." whilst Richard Park (music guru and Fame Academy headmaster) suggests that: "...the Apollo was simply magnificent and was the classic venue of its day...".

A Sad dayThe venue’s size and even its aroma are famous. However, there is no question that what made the place legendary was the people of Scotland.

Our aim is to provide a place where fans of the “Shed” (or the Appalling as it was known towards the end) can get together and explore the venue's history and share their memories.

Visit our Band Memories and Interviews sections to read exclusive contributions that we have received from more than 60 of the artists who graced the famous stage.

"Congratulations on what you have done with the website it is really amazing that you have had all this interest and all these great write ups. It’s something really worthwhile which means a lot to a lot of people" Frank Lynch ; (who discovered Billy Connolly and who named and owned the Apollo).

Whether you put a cash donation in a "Jock's Box" during the 2nd World War; danced to Louis Freeman and his Playhouse Band; enjoyed the "Playhouse Girls" dance; laughed with Billy Connolly; jived to Bill Haley; screamed with the Bay City Rollers or The Osmonds; pogoed with PiL, chilled with Camel or headbanged with the likes of Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin then we would like to hear your story.

2017 - Rescued Recordings
It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of a fantastic new website RESCUED RECORDINGS.  They are a non-profit making project which was started four years ago, on a facebook page with the sole aim of trying to find and piece together as many lost recordings as possible made over the years at The Glasgow Apollo.

So far, they have managed to unearth over 250 recordings dating from 1971 to 1985 from friends on thier facebook page. The object of their website is not only to allow visitors to be able to get hold of these recordings, but also to make contact with anyone out there that might be able to help them add to their ever growing list of recordings already rescued from fellow Glasgow Apollo fans from all around the world. Visit them here.

2016 - I Was There - The Story of the Glasgow ApolloI was there
Please support Loud n Proud by simply buying a ticket and having a brilliant night out at our Hit Show 'I Was There' - The Story of The World's Greatest Rock Venue - The Glasgow Apollo more information here

I Was There has been rewritten with new songs, new stories, and a new stage production. It is Bigger and Better and this is your chance to to see this show live and relive those magical days for one night or if you are too young to have been there be introduced to a piece of Glasgow Musical History through an explosive, funny and emotional Rock Musical.

Apollo AmbitionApollo Ambition By Martin Kielty
This is the story of one night in 126 Renfield Street, among the Glasgow choir, in front of the sloping stage, under the bouncing balcony... surrounded by the infamous Apollo bouncers. A wee story set in the Apollo the day after AC/DC played in 1978, written by Martin Kielty – author of acclaimed documentary book Apollo Memories and Illustrations by Jim MacNee.… order it now.

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'Remember the Apollo'
On the 13th of July 2013 a 'Remember the Apollo' night was organised at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow. Tickets were £3 (YES!! Back to Apollo prices!!). Two bands played the gig, The Seventh Sons a Dr Feelgood tribute act and Rank Berry a Southern Rock style band like CCR, and DJ playing tracks from bands who played the Apollo... which is probably the soundtrack your life! Well I know those songs are the soundtrack to my life. If you want to find out more about what happened that night join our Facebook Group and get blethering about all things Apollo.

Were You There? Participants Required For University of Glasgow Study.
If you would like to re-live your Apollo experiences and take part in this study, then please visit the Glasgow Apollo Research website at (or Google 'Glasgow Apollo Research') and click on 'Take Part in the Research' Section.

Apollo Memories 2012 Edition Book Launch
The Apollo Memories launch event took take place at Street Level Photoworkapollo memories 2012 edition covers, 103 Trongate, Glasgow on Friday, Feb 3. Author Martin Kielty, Ted McKenna from SAHB, Jo Callis from the Rezillos/Human League, DJ Tom Russell and Apollo managers Eddie Tobin and Colin Robertson talked about the Purple Palace to a backdrop of some music recorded live in the old place.

Surrounded by pictures taken by Harry Popadopoulous click exhibition to see, many of them in the Apollo. A great night was had by all.

Apollo Memories Book
The current Apollo Memeories edition written by Martin Kielty, we have an exclusive excerpt from the book here or the book cover image to read it. (pdf 140 kb).

Martin has asked us to let you know that if people want a guaranteed delivery for Christmas they must MUST MUST order by December 5 – He can take orders after that but won't be able to guarantee delivery.

He can only guarantee UK deliveries, although he'll do his best to deal with overseas orders too. To order and read more click here.

What a fantastic night we had on the 18th of August 2010 at the Rock Radio Apollo 25 Celebrations... live music from Demon's Eye, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, Status Quo and Thin Lizzy tribute bands. you can see pictures of the gig taken by the lovely Claire on the Rock Radio web site here and here.

Thanks to everyone involved, epecially Ciarán from (ex) Rock Radio, thanks mate. great work. 

sold out!!Here are Scott and Andy with a sold out trophy, presented by Rock Radio's Tom Russell.

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Use Facebook? - meet other Apollo fans here - Glasgow Apollo.

"Oh Apollo on your final day, with your solid balconies in fine array, I wish you could continue on. But the Council says you must be gone." Garry Roberts (Boomtown Rats

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